Today is a good day for you and many other AMNI customers

because we can officially inform you that the complete service for your AMNI machines is available to you again.

Our experts are now available to you for the supply of original spare parts, for conversions of existing machinery as well as for new machines and new developments.

This is possible due to the acquisition of AMNI drawings, trademarks and other rights in the field of abrasives industry by Maschinenfabrik George Bahrs & Sohn, Bad Segeberg. With this acquisition, we give you the assurance and comfort that your AMNI machines will be serviced comprehensively should the need arise.
Should you have any queries, we are there for you:

Call us: +49 4551 910840, Monday to Friday from 8:00 – 16:00 h.
Or use our Contact Site Online 24/7 :

A few short words about us:

Following the founding of the company, on the 1.1.1973, as Georg Bahrs & Sohn, Machine and Apparatus Construction, the advancement toward the construction of special purpose machines has been rapid and continuous.

By the development and construction of mechanical equipment, assembly lines and in particular, hydraulic presses, we rely on our more than thirty years of experience, while introducing innovative advancement and striving for consistent quality.

For and with our customers, we develop concepts for individual solutions and thanks to our comprehensive care, construction, electrics (hardware and software), hydraulics and mechanics; we can build tailor-made machines and systems, which meet all of our customers requirements.

It goes without saying, that we also offer the assembly of our equipment on the customer’s own premises, including commissioning and training of the service personnel. Additionally, we not only offer spare parts for our machines, but also individual parts and mechanical treatment according to our customer’s requests and drawings.